Common Health and Beauty Concern: Weight Loss and Hair Restoration Solutions


Weight and hair problems are increasingly becoming a major problem in the modern age. With busy and fast-paced lifestyle, a lot of factor affect diet and healthy living. Weight gain and hair loss are the most common health and beauty issues people are facing right now. However, there are many available solutions offered by science and technology for these problems.

Weight problems affects both men and women. Weight gain or obesity is caused by unhealthy lifestyle such as poor diet and lack of exercise. Medical weight loss is a more target specific treatment plan for those who are serious about achieving weight loss. A licensed medical doctor specializing in diet, food and nutrition, are working hand in hand with an exercise equipment specialist to provide a clinical research-based treatment plan proven to reduce weight. It has strict and careful monitoring and assessment. Medical weight loss treatments are found in medical centers specifically providing this weight loss service. It is a very effective and healthy way to achieve weight loss. On the other hand, prescription appetite suppressant, “diet pills” or prescription weight loss drugs are available by prescription and over the counter. These drugs suppress the appetite and mostly contains stimulant controlled substance medication.

Alopecia or hair loss is a major problem among men, and usually caused by hereditary influence. One of the effective solutions available in the market today is microneedling collagen production from Platelet rich plasma. Microneedle needling collagen production or microneedle therapy involves the use of microneedles to penetrate the scalp’s skin top layers encouraging hair cell growth and repair, in order to allow higher topical medicine absorption and independent promotion of new hair growth. Low testosterone therapy blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone or DHT to slow hair loss. Vitamin injections to treat hair loss is also becoming popular, wherein it involves directly injecting vitamins and minerals into the hair scalp for healthier cells allowing faster absorption of medical topical medications.

There are many weight loss and hair restoration solutions available in the market today. As a consumer, we must be cautious about undergoing these treatments because there are many fake and scams proliferating in the market today. Product review and blogs online may help find the right place to undergo treatment, and medical consultation must always be sought. Do not risk your health and safety, only trust a reputable treatment facility, with established name and high-valued service.


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